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About us

Angel Events emerges as a creation of Angel Business Communications, a reputable presence in the publishing and events industry since 1981.

Our proprietary, feature-rich platform, meticulously developed in-house, empowers your event team to seamlessly upload, oversee, and instantaneously print attendee badges at the event site. Bundled with excellence, Angel Events boasts an array of great features:

Angel Events comes bundled with great features including:

  • 100% Customisable Artwork

  • High-Quality, Sustainable & Recyclable Materials

  • Intuitive User Interface for Effortless Interaction

  • Real-Time Insights into Attendee Presence

  • Cutting-Edge Lead Scanning Capabilities

Features & Services

Angel Events boasts many great features and services to ensure your event registration is seamless.

Rapid Badge Printing

Crafted from specialised thermal paper, our badges materialise within mere seconds, ensuring seamless efficiency.

Lead Scanning

Our lead scanning app works on both Apple and Android phones, allowing sponsors to effortlessly gather vital contact details.

Seamless Integration

We'll integrate your registration solution into our badge system, guaranteeing an updated and cohesive data flow.

Live Analytics

Harness the power of real-time reporting tools to instantly gauge attendance figures and discern badge category distribution.

Email Reminders

Prior to your event, we can facilitate pre-event engagement by dispatching email reminders, featuring unique registration QR codes for each attendee.

Support Staff

Our committed event support team omanaged your registration desk setup and provides continuous on-site assistance whenever required.

Event Management Interface

The heartbeat of Angel Events lies within its sophisticated backend system, quietly working its magic to ensure your event runs seamlessly. This interface empowers you with unprecedented control and flexibility. Customise badges and modify attendee details, all through an intuitive interface. No more wrestling with complex software – our backend system puts you in the driver's seat with ease.

Badge Printing Application

Our badge printing application is the secret behind our lightning-fast badge production. Installed on each printer terminal, it orchestrates a seamless dance between technology and efficiency. A quick scan of an attendee's QR code sets the printer in motion, crafting a personalised badge in seconds. This app embodies versatility, offering both self-service and managed modes. Attendees can take the reins themselves, while event staff can step in to ensure a smooth experience. Event staff can edit attendee details, while real-time analytics offer live insights on-site.

Badge Scanning

Streamline lead capture with the 'Angel Events - Badge Scanner' app. Allow your exhibitors to scan badges, rate leads, and write notes for seamless post-event follow-up.

Additional Benefit for your Exhibitors

Elevate your exhibitors' sponsorship package with our badge scanning app. Enhance exhibitor interactions by capturing vital details, and provide seamless post-event follow-up by exporting scanned leads to sales and marketing teams.

Available for iOS, Android and as a Web App

Anyone with a code can download and use our badge scanning app. Search for 'Angel Events - Badge Scanner' on the store or visit our download page.

Using the App

After you have set up the scanner codes on the event management system, send them to your exhibitors and event staff to use. If the scanner code is used more than once then scans will be synced, meaning colleagues on exhibition stands can see each other's leads.

Fiona Moon Confluent

The service we get from Angel is flawless, holding our hand at every stage to make sure the first impression delegates and sponsors get is impressive and efficient. We look forward to continue working with them for future projects.

Jaime Williams Gamma

We needed a reliable and seamless badge printing solution to handle a busy registration for our first Gammaverse event. Angel Events provided just that, it’s made by events people, for events people! Their software and staff were excellent, and we're already looking at using them again for future events.

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Scott Adams

Chief Technology Officer

Alexander Mayo

Multimedia Manager

Sharon Cowley

Director of Logistics

Eve O'Sullivan

Logistics Executive

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